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Digital defense tailored to your business

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Secure your devices, network and staff

Ensure continuous, 24/7 protection for your digital assets, with rapid activation in just a few minutes. Benefit from our advanced technology, customized and driven by artificial intelligence (AI), but always under the close watch of human experts in our Security Operations Center(SOC).
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Managed Firewall

We offer an exclusive managed firewall service that ensures complete defense for your business, effectively preserving the integrity of your data and the confidentiality of your information. Through our sophisticated threat identification and blocking technologies, your rest is guaranteed, as our specialized team at the Security Operations Center(SOC) keeps your network immune to any type of digital invasion.

Endpoint protection

Through our advanced Managed Detection and Response(MDR) service, we offer uninterrupted protection for your organization's computers against a wide range of cyber threats, including viruses, malware, ransomware and more. We use state-of-the-art technology for instant threat detection, ensuring that all your devices remain safe at all times. Our system is designed to be efficient and lightweight, ensuring that computer performance is not compromised, thus allowing your team to maintain productivity without any kind of interruption.

Secure Cloud

Secure Cloud

For organizations looking for cloud solutions, we offer a highly secure and efficiently managed environment, comparable to dedicated, on-premise infrastructure, complemented by the specialized monitoring of our Security Operations Center(SOC).



SOC as a service

We provide complete security monitoring, ensuring your company's defense against virtual dangers. Our team of highly qualified security experts works tirelessly to monitor your organization's digital landscape, acting promptly on any sign of a threat. With our constant vigilance, you can rest assured that the security of your data and the operation of your business are safeguarded with us.

Wazuh - Professional Services

As a Wazuh Gold certified partner, we have extensive expertise to provide specialized support for the SIEM/XDR solution, from implementation and customization to maintenance and ongoing management with excellence.

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OPNsense - Professional Services

We offer a full range of services, including training, technical support, administration, customization and exclusive extensions, taking the potential of your OPNsense firewall solution to unprecedented heights.


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Become a partner!

By joining Cloudfence as a partner, you immediately unlock access to our SOC (Security Operations Center) and a full range of essential resources to enable you to deliver advanced cybersecurity solutions efficiently and dynamically. Benefit from a recurring income, free of any upfront fees, strengthening your market position with our partners.



Our Company

At Cloudfence, we act as your MSSP (Managed Security Service Provider) partner, providing cutting-edge information security solutions. Our commitment is to offer maximum protection and management of your digital data. We ensure that our technologies are perfectly aligned with your business objectives, always focusing on the essential pillars: confidentiality, integrity and availability of your information.

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Contact us

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